Following our guiding Permaculture design principles we are moving at a ‘slow and steady’ pace to provide ‘Adapt’ – the dynamic  & enticing tool kit of solutions for you!

The journey has been jammed packed with adventure, curiosity and some deep intellectual dives. From Hepburn to Totnes and many beautiful communities in-between I’ve found the best and worst coffee shops and dinning room tables to work from. A birth in Ann Arbor to today’s developmental growth in Monroe, the simple teaching tool turned experiential game is evolving and adapting brilliantly at each new place and with every new mind that greets it.

Yandoit Farm Dinning Room  – Victoria, Australia


The slow early days of the adventure were filled with mentor, teacher, and peer perspectives. Then moving steadily into travel and sharing the adaptations with larger groups of people, networking my way around the world.  Most recently these Winter days have been infused with deep thought, work with the graphic design team at  Wish Media and collaboration with a few trusted partners.



Summer Office – Saline Michigan, USA

We’re getting closer to public sharing with each dedicated day. A small investment, a flexible job, tons of community support  and radical redesign of my life are to thank for making this progress possible. Yet the awareness of larger  investments of finical, time and intellectual resources are at the forefront of my mind and will be the next steps in development.


As we move into this spring season of budding growth and exiting of winter’s hibernation so too can I see ‘Adapt’ start to expand in preparation for a brilliant blossoming into the world. A few more days of writing, editing, and graphic tweaking then the time will be ripe for offering up this design game and tool kit. The first round of offering will come in the form of a beta test of the print version, followed by digital version beta testing before a public launch.

Espresso Elevado – Plymouth Michigan, USA

This adventure to abundance is far from over as the adaptations develop with every interaction and the concepts that have been brewing away in my mind find their ways onto the physical realm. Thank you all for your patience with the process, and the bounty of support. The best part is yet to come!


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