“I really could not have keep the dream alive in my heart and mind without the time I have spent with each you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

These are the words I  wrote to a few mentors this morning and they couldn’t be more telling of my appreciation for those that have kept this dream growing way beyond a 20 minuet presentation, 2 years ago. Each person that meets this tool inspires it’s next phase of growth. And we are constantly sharing the game and get closer each day to offering it to ALL of you. Even when life’s responsibilities pull me away for a stretch of time ‘Adapt’ is constantly growing in my heart and mind, and in the hearts and minds of those that connect to this powerful tool.

The little team I’ve assembled is pushing hard right now to get these dreams into a consumable package, out of my head, onto paper & screen. It’s starting to pay off! Over the last few months I have incorporated the tool kit in the classes and workshops I’ve taught with smashing success!

“Can we have a weekend long workshop where we keep playing and exploring this game over and over?”

This is the question a workshop participant ask after just one round of game play focused on our topic of “healing Self, healing land.”  The answer is YES of course! That experience is part of the offerings my partner Charlie and I have assembled. Which we’d love to bring to your community, just ask.  (Details about the ‘Adapt’ playshop and other offerings can be found here in the ‘Menu’: http://resilientspirals.com/offerings/presentations-programing/)

Being able to integrate this tool kit into the teaching of a Permaculture Design Course last weekend is also a recent highlight.  The students “got it” as we inquired about how the lunches they just ate cared for, or did not care for: Earth, All Beings, Future, Fair Share, Respect of Limits, and Loving Kindness. That will make you think! This spurred continuing conversations that led  to the designing of an aquaponic farm, appropriate to our bio-region, that raised all the ingredients for a sushi shop store front!

That was just one instance of incorporating this tool kit into a PDC, and the exploration didn’t stop there for them or me. This helped me see a bit more clearly how to offer this up in a classroom and for a social workers office (really!) So ealy this week I  called  graphic designer – Lisa Berry of Wish Media  to tweak a few more words and sizes. We are even closer now….thank you class for your fostering more growth!

The places ‘Adapt’ will go are way beyond what I dreamed of at Millie’s dining room table two and a half years ago and I couldn’t be more grateful. Appreciative for each heart and mind that has encouraged and challenged ‘Adapt’s’ design process. To quote Sean Hayes “Yeah, this is powerful, stuff…can’t give it up, wont give it up.”

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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