The time has come to share this process of creating ‘Adapt’, the design game and tool kit, to even wider circles. After ample doses of self-regulation this tool has evolved into a functional kit. We’ve spent many hours processing the research and feedback received over the first two years of development and now we are ready for more!

Earlier this year I spent time with my friend and mentor Dan Palmer of Making Permaculture Stronger. We spent much of our time focusing on the design process section of the ‘Adapt’ booklet. We had so much fun that we recorded the conversation. Here’s the out come, and a sneak peak at what is in store for those waiting to get there hands on this exciting game!

From that conversation with Dan I’ve gleaned and grown with immense gratitude. So much more to share with ever growing circles. More self-regulation to apply, more feedback to accept.  As we gearing up for the next portion of our development, we’re excited to see how this adaptation of the game is received. What gems did you glean from the podcast?


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