Our ask at this time is for capital investments of $35,000. We’re interested in donor and/or investor relationships. We’re seeking the funds to continue development of the design game ‘Adapt’. We’re in need of help to keep the game progressing over the next 6 months while we’re evaluating beta test feedback, filling in the details of the business design, and preparing to share the game with the world.  Once we have a few more printing, digital app and distribution details figured out, we’ll launch a crowdfunding campaign for the first run of printing.

In the meantime, as we’re designing toward our aim, many collaborators are needed to make this project succeed. It has been a team effort from the beginning. Please contact us if you have skills, experiences or resources you would like to share to keep the momentum growing. Here is a few different ways:


If you want to host a game play session or donate your skills send a detailed email to info@playadapt.com

Donate money to assist the game in coming to life by simply clicking the donate button below.

If you desire to become a financial investor, please connect. We’re happy to provide more detailed business and financial information to negotiate terms. Email ResilientSpirals@gmail.com for more details.


To keep up-to-date with the latest progress join our mailing list. Sign up by clicking here


*For transparency please note – our next steps include, but are not limited to, labor and costs associated with:

Accounting & taxes

Marketing & promotions

Research & development

Business consulting

Graphic design

Digital application development

Legal assistance

Printing & office supplies

Making of more tester kits & distribution of them

*More details to be provided upon request

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