Our ask at this time is for capital investments. We’re interested in donor and/or investor relationships. We’re seeking the funds to continue development of the design game ‘Adapt’. We’re in need of help to keep the game progressing over the next 6 months while we’re preparing for and publishing the design game ‘Adapt’.

We’re designing toward our aim and many collaborators are needed to make this project succeed. Please contact us if you have skills, experiences or resources you would like to share to keep the momentum growing.

Here is a few different ways:

If you want to host a game play session or donate your accounting, business development, distribution, social media or event booking skills send a detailed email to info@playadapt.com

To donate money simply click the donate button below.

If you desire to become a financial investor, please connect. We’re happy to provide more detailed business and financial information to negotiate terms. Email ResilientSpirals@gmail.com for more details.

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*For transparency please note – our next steps include, but are not limited to, labor and costs associated with:

Accounting & taxes

Marketing & promotions

Research & development

Business consulting

Graphic design

Digital application development

Legal assistance

Printing & office supplies

*More details to be provided upon request

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