Do you or a group your working with have a challenge you’re ready to solve? A burning question you’d like assistance processing? Then let’s get together and play the game ‘Adapt’! The game can be focused to any scale – how best to redesign your kitchen to better suit the people in the house? Or where to plant the fruit trees? The aim could be to design the next best step for your business or community group. Whatever the challenge ‘Adapt’ is ready to be tested out!

This teaching tool has come a long way, from concept to prototype, and we’re excited to explore the power and possibility of it.

Can ‘Adapt’ really help us work through design challenges in an exciting and inspired way?

From our experiences, YES is the resounding answer. If you’re curious to see it in action, let’s give it a go – come on over to Ypsilanti, Michigan or invite us to your neighborhood. We can share a cup of tea or a meal while we get to know the context of your design challenge,  then we’ll provide time for you to meet the design process and tools we will be using. Next we dive in, documenting our progress and asking the tough questions. Sparking the development of potential solutions for you to implement – ‘Adapt’ is ready to help you solve for the challenge at hand.

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Here are some examples of recent community design events:

Topic: Creating a cooperative

@Living Heart Sanctuary

Topic: Water systems

@ the Riverside Arts Center

Topic: Disaster preparedness

@ Sunward Co-housing

@ Ypsi Gathering Space

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