‘Adapt’ ended 2017 in a valuable evaluation & feedback phase of development, after a successful round of sharing the design game with our global community. Even though we’ve missed and changed our aim a few times, we’re proud of the progress made, and grateful for each blessing, challenge, each word of praise and critique. We know that to achieve our mission it’s going to take as many minds and as much feedback as we can apply…and still get published by the end of 2018!

After a powerfully productive 2016, ‘Adapt’ found even more clarity and some eye-catching graphics in 2017. The year brought the completion of the first draft of the booklet, and the first round of test kits were assembled and distributed. We turned some of our focus toward documenting what we have done, what our aims are now and what we think are our next best steps. We’ll share details over the weeks to come.

We also shared the game through presentations and game play sessions. The highlight of our spring was exploring the game’s evolution with friends and collaborators around Australia. Summer found us playing at the Transition Towns US Gathering in St. Paul, Minnesota presenting ‘Permaculture Futures: Design 3 ways’ with Charlie Brennan PhD., in collaboration with Mario Yanez. Then came the autumn and a few brilliant game play sessions in the UK before the International Permaculture Conference & Convergence (IPC) in India. ‘Adapt’ found a very warm reception at IPC and a dozen test kits found their way to new homes around the world. This  whirlwind that has landed us in our winter time, designing how to get ‘Adapt’ into your hands.

We still have a ways to go until we reach international launch. Our next steps are to continue sharing the genius of the game with more people, refine it through evaluating feedback and investing more resources into a detailed business design. That plan includes all the finer points of app development, publishing, and distribution. Our mission is blossoming to life with the cooperation of many, and 2018 is looking to be even more bountiful. Thank you for any and all support you have sent our way, and please keep it coming.


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