A beautiful perspective is laid out when you take the time to document the steps taken to bring a potential solution into reality. Here is look back on three years of cultivating an aim, developing ideas, implementing those ideas, then evaluating what has been done and what is next. Our aim to bring this game and teaching tool kit to life is clear and we’re constantly designing to take our next best steps to see this come to life.

The progress so far:

2014 – Applying principles to needs

Personal work averaging 20+ hours a week

  • Research, design, development, promotions, networking & all the other things too!

Collaboration as the key

  • Local, regional & international meetings with colleagues, consultants and teachers

Donors & Angel Investors

  • Four significant angel investors and 40+ other donors have stepped up to support this work by investing $35,000+ and 4,000+ volunteer hours

Networking & research explorations have taken us to

  • California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and round Michigan
  • Australia, England, Ireland, & India

Copies of the Adapt game and tool kit have gone out to 25+ collaborators in

  • The US: Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Oregon & California
  • Australia, England, Germany, Malawi, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Reunion Island & Portugal

Gaming industry advisors

  • Steve Jaqua of tweedle tech has been advising since 2016 his connection brought about a feedback session with Mayfair Games.
  • Recent connections for gamer feedback is providing helpful and being explored more.
2016 – Process and ethic exploration

Legal assistance

  • Mark Ebby advised on set up of LLC, Non disclosure agreements, Investor contracts, international business and copyrights as of now. Specialized team members will join as needed.

Business building and financial assistance

  • Working with Debbie Diviny on taxes and basic accounting.
  • Seeking a skilled accountant and/or business developer to help with the business plan budget.

Graphic design

  • Lisa Berry and Wish Media have done this round of the logo and game graphics. Early editions where done by Ken Davis in 2016.

Website development

  • Matt O’Brien set up the domain name and is hosting the site, it is maintained at this time by Bridget O’Brien.


  • Marketing is handled by Bridget at this time. Seeking help in the near future with marketing and organizational details.

App development

  • We’re looking for the right developer for the job and have been researching and outlining the why what and how of pulling it together.

Video production

  • 3x 3 minuet & a few shorter 10-30 second kick-starter like videos are in production right now with Amber DeMeglio
2016 – Exploring the how

Editing assistance

  •  Clifford Dean Scholz, Charlie Brennan PhD & Erica Mooney have edited the game booklet and other writings

Printed materials and office supplies

  • Drawing supplies, printed samples & 25+ test kits, flyers and office supplies have been purchases. More test nees to get made

Production and publication:

  • We’re meeting with local printers in the US, researching international printing and talking to distributions points in various country’s at this time. Help and timae are needing to be spent focusing on this in coming months.

Classes and promotional events for or about the game

  • Permaculture Teacher Training – Ann Arbor MI 2015
  • Ann Arbor District Library – MI, USA 2016-18
  • The Agrarian Adventure – MI, USA 2016
  • Ann Arbor Learning Community – MI, USA 2016
  • Rudolph Steiner High School – MI, USA 2016
  • Robin Hills Farm – MI USA 2016 & 2017
  • Sunward Co-housing – MI, USA 2016, 17 & 18
  • New Rising Sun Farm & Mother’s Trust Ashram – MI, USA 2016 & 2017
  • Traverse City Permaculture Design Course – MI, USA 2016
  • Summer Camp Music Festival – IL, USA 2016
  • North American Permaculture Convergence – CA, USA 2016
  • Symbiosis Music & Culture Festival – CA, USA 2016
  • Ann Arbor Permaculture Design Course – MI, USA 2017
  • Transition Towns US Gathering – MN, USA 2017
  • International Permaculture Convergence – India 2017
  • Riverside Arts Center – Ypsilanti MI, USA 2018
  • Urban Agriculture Forum – Melbourne VIC AUS – March
2016 – Simplifying the complexity…to four questions.

UP NEXT in 2018:

  • Wildspace, Mullumbimby NSW AUS March
  • More at Living Heart Sanctuary, the Ann Arbor District Library & Riverside Art Center in MI USA
  • Then on to The School of the Wild – Brighton UK


Needs & next steps:

  • Investments needed to finish testing and business plan development – Now
  • Business plan – finish filling in details & review – Now
  • Accounting help for business plan  – Now
  • Publishing consultation & assistance – Now
  • Pitch finalized plan to investors – Jan, till when ever a deal can be made, by March is the aim.
  • Continue setting up 2018 research and promotional tour dates – Now
  • Process feedback from testers & edit files – Now – June
  • Update graphics after feedback – April – July
  • Set up printing and distribution networks – April – August
  • App development April – September
  • Publication & distribution of printed kits and a digital app – October 2018 is the aim


2017 – The mechanics of game play are refined.

We’re dedicated to bring Adapt to life on a global scale and grateful for all the collaboration. A true Permaculture game can’t be made by a single individual.  Thank you all for your support thus far, we’re ready to keep going! Are you?

If you are inspired by our efforts and want to donate your skills send an email to info@playadapt.com
To donate money to our efforts simply click here.

If you desire to become a financial investor, please connect. We’re happy to provide more detailed business and financial plans to negotiate terms. Email info@playadapt.com for more details.

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