The design game that applies to everything.

The aim of ‘Adapt’ is to assist in educating individuals and groups, of varying skill levels, how to apply a holistic design process to anything. The ideal is that with the tool on offer you can create a more caring world for us to thrive in.

How do we care for ourselves, our families, communities, our earthly home and the future while acknowledging the limits of our resources, fairly sharing what’s available with loving kindness? In this time of great curiosity and chaos, evolution and technological development, skill and information sharing, questionable ethics and unclear values, it can be increasingly difficult to know how to navigate through our complex lives. How do we apply the caring whole-system design approach of Permaculture to self-care or any other aspects of our lives?

This is the question that led to the creation of the design game ‘Adapt’. As a project for a Permaculture Teacher Training Course in 2014, the original game board and cards, inspired by David Holmgren’s teachings and Richard Telford’s graphics, were developed to aid in the application of Permaculture ethics and design principles to meet basic life needs.

‘Adapt’ has evolve to also emphasize a holistic design process and  practical field language for the development of imaginative implementable solutions. Explorations with this tool have expanded around the world to collect unique contributions from many caring hearts and minds.

This game and the tool kit, just like all designs, have a great possibility to positively impact millions of people now and long into the future. Setting our sights on game play, physically and digitally, in a multitude of learning environments from schools to factories. This tool can support, encourage and guide us in applying the principles and patterns of design, with holistic consideration and increased awareness.

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